Entry to Luna Park Sydney is FREE.
Beyond the Thrills provides the lowest prices available for any size school group to go to Luna Park Sydney.

TO BOOK: Go to 'How to Book' or just use a 2019 Booking Form.

* scheduled Mondays / Fridays in 2019 (see Dates):
$29 per student (plus GST) ... Mondays
$30 per student (plus GST) ... Fridays (plus Tuesdays-Thursdays in December)

* any other Monday / Friday in 2019:
$29 per student (plus GST) ... other Mondays
$31 per student (plus GST) ... other Fridays
Note: A $50 surcharge may apply on these days if <50 students in your group.

Extra ride passes on the day: will be invoiced to your school, or can be paid for in cash on the day.
Annual Pass: students with an Annual Pass need to pay $4.50 (plus GST) per student
REFUNDS: If a student is absent due to illness on the day, schools may email a written request for a refund.
BOOKING FEE: Only $25 per school booking (plus GST).
GST: Schools can only claim GST back if doing curriculum-specific work at a fun park, but NOT for just a Fun Day.
You are welcome to have just a Fun Day - but if you choose to use Beyond the Thrills worksheets, then your school will be eligible to claim GST back.
Business /Commerce /History /Geography-Tourism presentations: These presentations are FREE.
However, a surcharge of $50 may apply if you have <50 students in your group on a non-scheduled day OR if you want a presentation at 11 am instead of 9:30 am OR if you want other than a Monday or Friday in December.

All teachers have FREE entry to Luna Park Sydney - so there is no charge for non-riding teachers.
Teachers receive FREE Unlimited Rides Passes in the following ratios:
* 1 FREE Unlimited Ride Pass per 8 primary students/ 15 secondary students
* Extra adult/teacher Unlimited Rides Passes can be purchased at the student price.
* Coney Island - to enter with your students, teachers must have a either an unlimited ride pass, or a separate Coney Island Pass (these are around $12).