About us

Beyond the Thrills is conducted by Robert Garner and Catherine Odlum, who are both teachers - each with over 40 years experience in teaching. They have been writing fun park excursion worksheets and conducting school excursions at Luna Park, Australia‚Äôs Wonderland and then at Luna Park Sydney for the past 45 years, but decided that 2023 is the time to retire from running the excursions. However, they are continuing to provide curriculum-specific, educational excursion worksheets for both primary and secondary students for all subject areas to use at Luna Park Sydney.

Fun park excursions for schools were first held at Luna Park in Sydney in 1978 and again in 1982 - and were conducted by Robert Garner and Sylvia Jennings. They later named and promoted their fun park excursions as Physics is Fun in 1983 and also as Fun Park Excursions. These excursions were conducted by Robert Garner at Luna Park (1984-1987, 1995) and also at Wonderland Sydney (1990-2004). When the new Luna Park Sydney opened in 2004, Robert Garner and Catherine Odlum conducted fun park excursions there in an alliance with Luna Park Sydney from 2004 until the end of 2022. 

Their Beyond the Thrills worksheets are available for all of the following subject areas:

# PRIMARY: *Science & Technology *Mathematics *English *Art *Peer Support.
# SECONDARY: *Mathematics *Technology *Science 7-10 *Physics *Biology *English *History
  *Visual Arts *Photography *Peer Support *Commerce *Business Studies
*Geography: tourism & sustainability.

Robert Garner and Catherine Odlum also conducted combined excursions with IMAX from 2004-2016 and with Sydney Aquarium and Wild Life Sydney (formerly Sydney Wildlife World) between 2006-2012.